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NEW Sheep Themed Chess Board Mystery SAL for 2021!

Greetings stitchy friends! I am pleased to announce the kick-off of a brand new Mystery SAL from Little Isola Stitchworks following our favorite theme…SHEEP! I am calling this one, “The Flock” for obvious reasons (Just look at that border!) This is going to be a fun SAL as it will follow the true-to-life sized outline of an actual Chess board!

Each new mystery installment will be released on a biweekly basis for the duration of 2021! The first official release is available TODAY in the Etsy shop! It includes both the border outline of the chess board, and the first tile (a repeating sheep pattern tile). The PDF available for instant download also includes the calendar schedule of tile releases for all of 2021, as well as a blueprint map placement chart. Of course, you can feel free to mix and match at your whim, but the placement of tiles from a design perspective was carefully thought out and planned to allow for an overall sense of balance.

The repeating sheep tiles can be stitched all upright if you plan to frame and hang your piece as a collectable sampler item, or stitch the first two rows upright, and the last two rows upside down so that you can actually use your chess board in game play! This will ensure your opponent has a pleasurable view of the chess board from his/her angle as well!

Dimensions: The full complete pattern measures 316 x 316 stitches and each tile size is 33 x 33 stitches without the inside border outlines.

The first installment (border and repeating sheep tile) is available for instant download from the Etsy shop at $5, and each subsequent tile release will be available for $2 each. I’m working on finding someone who can make custom sheep-themed chess pieces to complete the set! If you know of someone who can/will…please send them my way!

As always, be sure to post your progress reports and images to our wonderful Facebook community, and if you post to your Instagram page…don’t forget to tag us at #LittleIsolaStitchworks and #TheFlockMysterySamplerSAL

So what are you waiting for? Join in the fun, and come get your download ASAP!

“The Flock”

Purchase Part 1 (February 1, 2021) HERE

All information about release dates and when they will become available on Etsy, as well as the direct links for each tile pattern release will always be available for you…

HERE on the Mystery SALs Information Page

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