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This Too, Shall Pass…

The world…is in chaos, my friends! But we’ve been there before…and one thing our calm and wise grandmothers always told us in comforting, is that age old saying,

This too, shall pass.

I wanted to design something that we all could use in this moment to keep our wits about us and something that we could make as a little gift for our friends who might be going through a tough time. I see loads of requests for patterns to gift to friends and loved ones who are battling tough things in life, and so I wanted to design something specifically with those in mind.

In lieu of anxiety over daily life in a lingering COVID mentality…I thought, more than ever, we as a species need more peace and joy…something hopeful, something bright and friendly to focus on. And so, the “This too, shall pass” pattern was born, and until September 30, 2021…I’m sharing it with you all for FREE. So hurry up, tell your friends, and get your FREE PDF Pattern download right here!

Enjoy, and remember that whatever you’re going through…the difficult feelings that we endure as a result…shall come to pass.

Download the FREE PDF chart HERE

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Freebie! “Ask Your Dad!” Sampler

Howdy, everyone! Happy mid June! It’s my favorite month out of the entire year! (And no, my birthday doesn’t have anything to do with it…as I coyly smirk in silence.) Anyway, I’ve got a new FREEBIE pattern for y’all!

With Father’s Day approaching, I couldn’t help but think of a good gag gift for Dad because that’s just how my family rolls. A helpful reminder…this sampler entitled “Ask Your Dad” would make a great treat in the house…you know…a tool that we can all point to when reminding our children that there’s another person who is fully capable of pouring a glass of milk, producing a tasty snack, tying those shoe laces, helping with homework, etc. (Might also make a good Mother’s Day gift…wink, wink.) Let’s not forget that even families with two dads would fully appreciate this handy little sampler as well. So stitch it, give it as a gift, whether for a gag or for realz…or stitch it up for your own pleasure! This will soon be hanging on my own wall…and I can’t help but smile each time I think about not even having to open my mouth to talk…all I’ll need to do is point up at this sucker, and hope my child gets the hint! This Mama’s on vacation, ask your DAD! (For 20 minutes, anyway!)

To download the FREE Pattern, CLICK HERE

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NEW PATTERN: Bridal Biscornu – “Alexandra”

Introducing a brand new Biscornu pattern…the “Alexandra” Bridal Biscornu! Who says Biscornus are merely just pincushions for sewing enthusiasts! They can serve a multitude of purposes, including tiny little ring bearer pillows, or make lovely bride’s maids gifts…a small pillow on which to keep your jewelry while you shower! This delicate biscornu pattern is perfect for thinking in terms of a wedding! Add decorative pearlesque beads, and you have something beautiful either to keep and to use, or to gift to that special friend.

Purchase the PDF Pattern HERE

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Those darn Target Bags are HOT, HOT, HOT!

So, right now… I’m living in Italy. But that hasn’t stopped me from watching all of the hype in the social media threads about those adorable little cross stitch cosmetic purses! In fact, thanks to the internet, many people from all sorts of countries are green with envy over the posts of Americans showing off their awesome stitchworks and the overflowing bins in the target dollar section! There have been so many amazing people (we call them “floss fairies”) willing to purchase some for people who aren’t as fortunate as to have a Target store near them, or those who find themselves having missed out on the ransacked and left-for-bare bins!

It’s very obvious to see that these bags are super HOT right now! They come with a needle, some threads, and a couple free patterns from which to choose. But many folks are taking to the drawing boards to design their own unique patterns.

There are still many people who’d love to stitch up one, or two, or five…. and are lost for inspiration. People begging to see patterns and examples, combing the net for ideas.

Well… I’ve decided to jump in on this fun, myself! My hubby comes back from a very long (2 months) business trip and will be bringing me back a humble few. But for now… My mind is spinning with ideas, and I have no other intention but to share, share, share with you all! Over the course of this week, I will be posting several freebie patterns per day to share with you all and hopefully inspire your pouches!

Some for the nature lovers, some for the geeky nerds, some for the subversive-minded, and some that are just MY thing!

So check back often, and join us on our Facebook group… Be sure to share your work and tag us! (@LittleIsolaStitchworks on Instagram)

And as always… Enjoy your lickin’and stickin’, stitchy friends!

Here are your freebie patterns for today: (to download, simply right click on the image and download it to your computer, or click and hold to download to your mobile ddvice… Just saying…because lots of our not-so-computer-friendly people ask me.)

Please support my little Etsy store: Little Isola Designs (Stitchworks)

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The Flock Mystery Sampler SAL – Part 4

It’s here! Mystery tile number 3 is now available for instant PDF download in the esty shop.

Purchase PDF Pattern HERE.

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“April Showers” Biscornu Pattern

A brand NEW biscornu pattern has just hit the Etsy shop today to welcome in those Spring flowers! Colorful and season-appropriate, this biscornu will be a complete delight to stich!

Purchase the instant downloadable PDF Pattern HERE.

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Feeling a little bit Nerdy today?

…well this one’s for you, my fellow stitchers of all things nerdy!

I must tell you the story behind this ultra geeky biscornu pattern. Surprise! I’m not just a designer, but I’m a stitcher too (insert cheeky grin here). I belong to many of the online Cross Stitch communities including one for international stitchy Pen Pals. I highly recommend that if you’re into sending and receiving cards, letters, and smaller stitched works from fellow stitchers all around the world… go give this Facebook page a gander and find yourself a stitchy pen pal! It’s so lovely bonding with people in a bit of an old-fashioned way, and let’s face it… not all of our friends and family “get” our desire to take part in a craft that for so long has taken on the stigma of being an “old lady” craft.

So I have taken on two stitchy pen buddies, both of whom are such lovely women. I have really enjoyed our exchanges and bonding.

One thing the group outlines, but isn’t necessary to stick to, (it’s more of a “challenge yourself” kind of situation) is the monthly theme. Sometimes I find a cute pattern online by another designer which I will purchase to complete my themed stitch for my buddy, other times I come up with nothing and treat it like a personal design challenge, taking to my own canvas to create something special for my pen pal.

And so this month, the theme was “camera”.

Well my nerdy geek mode went into overdrive, and I came up with the “Say Cheese” biscornu pattern. I needed something small, and easy to ship, lightweight, and not requiring some type of framing, and thus a new biscornu was born!

I chose to use a palette loosely adhering to the Primary colors, and yes… you can say I was feeling the Mondrian vibes in doing so (because there’s plenty of black and 90 degree angles in there as well…wink, wink.)

I loved stitching this so much, that I had to share it with you all. So now you too, can stitch this fun little biscornu up. You can whip it out in as little as a weekend if you have some time to sit with a new little project such as this.

Make one as a gift for a photographer friend, stick a paper clip in there, and they can use it as a business card holder for their desk! Biscornus can have many purposes besides holding pins for needle workers and sewing enthusiasts! Get creative! Throw some rocks inside for a paper weight!

You can really do so many things with cross stitch these days, it’s not really limited to wall samplers anymore. I just love seeing how the creativity in our industry has taken off with fresh young minds and a new spin on it! So go have fun, and as always, Happy Stitching! (And don’t forget to “Say Cheese”!)

Purchase the PDF Instant Downloadable Pattern HERE.

Join the International Cross Stitch Pen Pals Facebook Group

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Welcome to the Lucky month of March!

I have a brand new mini Sampler Pattern for you, in the theme of what March is known to celebrate… The luck of the Irish! This Sampler is called “Lucky Leaf” and the PDF pattern is now available for instant download in the Etsy shop.

We are so accustomed to seeing shamrock green in many designs pertaining to St. Patty’s day, but I really wanted to honor the muted tones of most samplers with a vintage feel, so I designed this pattern with that feeling close at heart. If you’re looking for a smaller sampler to whip out in the month of March, look no further… “Lucky Leaf” is here for you! It would also make a wonderful gift for that special person in your life who just so happens to be Irish.

Purchase the PDF Instant Downloadable Pattern HERE.

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The Flock Mystery SAL Part 3 is here!

It’s March! Say whaaaaat?! Spring is just that much closer, so hang on a little longer, my stitchy friends!

Today marks the release date of Part 3 in the mystery Sampler SAL chess board, “The Flock”.

Each new tile features a myriad of different ideas, some incorporating beautiful floral patterns with Quaker style elements, while others might be more whimsical, and still others will be geometric in theme that offer the stitcher the creative freedom to play with color. The repeating sheep tile (pattern provided with the border in Part 1) maintains the “sheep” theme of our chess board and marries the playing board in with the border.

Enjoy your creative color choices, and be sure to share your progress on the Facebook group and Instagram! Don’t forget to tag us at #littleisolastitchworks! As always, happy stitching friends!

“The Flock”

Download the PDF Pattern for Part 3 HERE

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“Spring Chicks”

Okay, so I realize it’s only February, but with the slightly warmer weather here on our island, and a kiss of sunshine… I can’t help but look forward!

For those suffering the dreadful impact of the ice storm across the Southwestern parts of the US, and those who know very well the Northern hemisphere’s tendency to milk the most out of its long cold winters… I’m sending some premature rays of sunshine and happiness your way!

So light your candles, your fireplaces, and fire up those generators… Pull up one (or three) warm blankets and enjoy this brand new little freebie pattern on me.

Remember the law of attraction! The things you stitch shall come true very soon! (wink, wink) Warmer weather, bright sunshine, grassy greens, and of course… little Spring Chicks!