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And Through the Woods…

To grandmother’s cabin, we go! Thinking about Christmas samplers yet? Many of us in the cross stitch world certainly are!

Thinking of the perfect pattern to use on that dyed fabric? Look no further! With tiny little snowflakes and lacy trim in white, this will surely pop among your household Christmas decor! Gift to a loved one, or stitch for your own home to keep the trimmings merry and bright. And no one can resist reindeer and snowmen!

Brand new to the Etsy shop today, so come and pick up your copy of the pattern!

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Prairie Medley Quaker Style Sampler

We love a good modern take on an old fashioned idea… behold a brand new sampler with Quaker-influenced motifs. From bows and hearts to pine trees and candle sconces, we are wrapping ourselves in warm candlight as the days are getting shorter, and the dusk rolls in earlier with each passing day.

This sampler is sure to keep you busy in those cozy autumn evenings, or maybe even to stitch around Christmas time from beneath the hearth of your fire mantles. So pull up an ottoman, get snuggled up under your favorite quilt, and stitch yourself into merry splendor with a glass of wine, or a cup of hot cocoa. For this, is the hygge of Quaker samplers.

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“Dreams of Compassion” FREE Mystery SAL September Release

Happy September stitchy friends! The NEW September installment of our monthly Stitch-A-long is officially here! Yay!

We are well past the halfway mark on our sampler, and hasn’t it been good fun? I’m sure it’s been keeping many of you company in these trying times of lockdown and uncertainty all over the world, and it’s my hope that if I can bring a few lovely stitchy friends some peace and joy in this time, than the efforts have been well-made!

So without further adieu… Here’s where you can download your copy of this month’s free chart. If you have issues with this link, remember you can always download the pattern directly from the files section in our wonderful Facebook group HERE

So what are you waiting for? Come join the community and share your progress with some of the nicest stitchy friends on social media!

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“Motif della Sardegna” NEW Pattern Release

Introducing “Motif della Sardegna”

This brand NEW pattern to hit the Etsy store today is very near and dear to me. This motif was based off of the traditional and classic Sardinian designs appearing in many of the woven tapestries of Sardinia, Italy… the island in the mediterranean… land that I have come to love.

Backstory: when I first met my husband, he told me he is from the Italian island of Sardinia. A place I had never heard of. When we first visited Sardinia (our little one was only 9 months old), I quickly fell in love with the island, it’s culture, the people, and the artistry and talents of the inhabitants which prompted a decision to move here! They exhibited a zest for life and family, and capture so much of their heritage and culture in the many artisan renderings of which they have passed the knowledge of creation through the generations. One very celebrated art form is the woven tapestry. Nearly all of them contain this central flower-style motif with exterior embellishing patterns.

I have rendered my version of this motif paying my homage to the land I have come to love. I added flourishes and bushier stalks, an offset frame element, and little nuances that make the pattern unique to my own design visions while trying not to stray too much from the original inspiration of the traditional motif. And now you can stitch it too!

This is not a small pattern… It’s rather large and repetitive, but I feel that you will greatly enjoy it and adore it while hanging in your home for years to come.

If you’ve never heard of our wonderful island in the mediterranean, I strongly encourage you to find us… Research us… You’ll fall in love with the culture and the craftsmanship of these great people too!

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“Traliccio di Pecore” Biscornu Pattern

Baaaaaa… We are excited about this brand new pattern release! Make this beautiful sheep-themed biscornu to treasure forever! Now available on the Etsy shop for instant PDF pattern download!

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“Wild Tulips” Biscornu Cross Stitch Pattern

There’s no such thing as having too many biscornu! Whether you choose to use yours to hold your sewing pins or needlework tools, keep for collective and decorative purposes, or gift to a loved one…biscornu are just simply lovely to have and fun to make!

We’d like to introduce our brand new biscornu pattern entitled “Wild Tulips”. This is for those of you still clutching to the tail end of our beautiful summer season, where gardens everywhere are still a flourish with lovely flowers. This is a great pattern for lovers of the color purple as well!

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“The Pumpkin Patch” NEW Pattern Release

“The Pumpkin Patch” is officially LIVE on the Etsy shop! Woohoo! For all of you stitchers out there secretly crushing on the Fall season… This is just for you! This is for all of the sheep lovers out there like me also! After all, what can be better than a pasture full of sheep and pumpkins to welcome in the Autumn season?

Purchase the PDF chart HERE


“Dreams of Compassion” FREE SAL August Installment

Can you believe August is here already?! We have officially surpassed the first third of the mystery sampler, entitled, “Dreams of a Compassion”… So appropriately needed in this strange year of 2020!

Everyone’s work is looking amazing, and they come shuffling through the Facebook community! It’s so fun to watch the unique and very personal color palettes as stitchers are equating their color choices to things that inspire them, be it their gardens, their favorite color families, or even just by rummaging through their stash!

Without further delay… Here is your FREE pattern for the August installment of our SAL. Don’t forget to join us on the socials, and share your work with our welcoming community! Happy Stitching!


Stacey at Little Isola Stitchworks

“Dreams of Compassion”

August Pattern FREE Download

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Dreams Of Compassion SAL – July Installment

And…. 3…2…1…

She’s live! Welcome to the July Installment of the Dreams of Compassion Free SAL. You can download the free pdf pattern here, or as always, you can get your free copy of the chart in the files section of our community Facebook group. This marks the completion of the bottom 3rd portion of our sampler! Happy stitching everyone!

Free Pattern Download

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It’s My Birthday!

As a great big party favor, I’ve designed another freebie just for you all! The “Friendship Never Dies” sampler is my expression of universal love, kindness, and the honoring of friendship. The tulips represent the yin/yang which are bound together by a central blooming flower of love. I hope you all enjoy stitching it half as much as I enjoyed designing it, and just a suggestion…make one for your bestie! It would make a beautiful birthday gift, Christmas gift, Hannukah gift, or even a “just because you’re my friend” gift. So enjoy! As always, please come join our little community of stitchers on our Facebook group and show us your progress! We are growing more every day!

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